About Myself

I am a certified wine ponce, wine lover, wine broker and wine consultant who works globally, and loves to taste all sorts of different wines.

Loving Scuba Diving, Cricket, Football, Rugby, Tennis and various other sports. I also have a love for high quality spirits and cigars.

I’d like to think of myself as an aficionado in all these departments!

Other interests include global politics, African music, alternative music, jazz, funk, soul.



  1. It was our pleasure to have read your comments about our wine “2009 Casa del Cerro Sauvignon Blanc, DO Valle Central, Chile: Dyonisos Wines, Pascal Marty” in your blog http://www.bordeauxwineenthusiasts.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=2508 though we wonder from where you have access to our wine as that we are yet not selling in the UK.

    Look forward to hear from you.


    Christophe Pans
    Export Manager

    • I spend a lot of time in Asia, and have purchased a few bottles of various Dyonisos Wines from a merchant in Tokyo… They are very pleasant, and I certainly hope that the higher quality wines impress me more than those that I have tried so far!

    • Thanks for writing again about our wine. I wonder who are your members? Are they only from UK? Are that final consumers or people of the wine trade? Are they interested to taste the wine which you are writing about? In Europe so far we only are selling in the Carrefour supermarkets of Belgium. We will have our stand at Vinexpo Bordeaux in June 2011.

      Christophe Pans

      • I have some clients in Asia and Europe. I can probably see if people in the UK would be interested in importing the wines, as I know a few people at a few different merchants. I personally do not have the finances to import myself, but I do sell to restaurants, other merchants and private clients. However, one thing is that Japan is still a fairly young market, and there will be a lot more competition from other wineries in Europe. However, to my mind the prices are good on offer, and still decent when not…. Duty is much higher in Japan also. Pascal, has a name that is respected in the global wine scene, so I think it won’t be too hard to find someone will to take on the wines. I still have some more in Tokyo, so I will keep posting about the wines!

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I wonder if I can bother you to ask at what retail price in YenS you have bought our wine: CASA DEL CERRO, LOVE, ILAIA, PIRCA, CORAZON DEL INDIO?

    Take care,


    • Let me find the receipts and I will email you when I find them.

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    I came across your blog through the interview you gave to China Economic Review. I think you are fabulous, I’d love to hear more about how you came into this career. I am a young (29 is still considered young, right?) enthusiast trying to break into the broker business in the US. How did you get started in the wine business? Do you have any tips!?

    • Kate, thank you very much.

      It isn’t hard to get into it, but hard to make it work. I’ve not been doing it on my own for very long, but having contacts who want to buy fine wine, and contacts in the trade itself (I worked in it and socialized for 3-4 years before going alone), but properly best to discuss this by email.

      Currently in Burgundy relaxing, so will email you when back in Gap, France.

  4. Tks for your comments on my wines. If you like to taste more please inform
    I can arrange a vertical degustation with old barolos.
    Areyuo planningan other visit to Piemonte ?
    Kind regards Umberto Fracassi Cherasco

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