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2010 Burgundy: Maison et Domaines Louis Jadot (Beaune).

Louis Jadot is a great producer from which to buy Burgundy. Firstly, they make exceptionally high quality wine, whether it be from their own vines or from those that they buy in. They not only make high quality wines, but they are also generally cheaper and in greater quantities for the top vineyards, thus making them a great value for money purchase at various different price points. OK, so they may not be the very cheapest example of certain vineyards, BUT, they are most certainly of a higher quality and where they are not, the other producer is so hugely under the radar that it would be almost impossible to purchase their wines without visiting the domaine.

The classic insignia of the domaine.

The Style

It is very hard to speak of a particular style in terms of Louis Jadots wines for two reasons. Firstly, they have a number of different sources for the grapes. Firstly, the wines of their own domaines, Domaine Louis Jadot and Domaines des Heretiers du Louis Jadot, which I tend to find have a slightly richer texture to the fruit than the grapes they receive from their grape contracts into Maison Louis Jadot. You then have the much fresher, zippier fruit profile of the grapes coming from those vines owned by Domaine Gagey, the vines of their managing director, Andre Gagey. To complicate matters further, they also produce the wines on behalf of Domaine Duc du Magenta which I find tend to show a firmer lashing of oak flavours to the wines. They have since 1996 a domaine in Beaujolais as well called Chateau des Jacques; and since 2008 have owned a Domaine in Fuisse in the Maconnais called Domaine Ferret.

Putting a specific style to the wines is thus difficult as vineyard management and philosophies of the domaines, (not a problem so much for the grapes bought in as there is consultation between the growers and Jadot) is thus problematic, and on top of this Jadot will alter their winemaking style depending on the specific wines, to which there is much debate. Does this bring out the terroir more by allowing the wine to taste as the grapes intended, or does it mask the grapes or make it more difficult to spot the terroir because all the wines are made in a different way? I am unsure, but what I do know is that the wines of Louis Jadot are excellent and they have again excelled in 2010.

The gate to some of Jadot's Clos Vougeot.

All of the wines here, were sampled from barrel samples that were bottled and sent to London for the Hatch Mansfield tasting on the 16th January 2012. Some bottles thus may or may not have been showing as intended by the producer.

The White Wines

2010 Cote de Nuits Villages Blanc “Le Vaucrain”; [Domaine Louis Jadot, oak barrel ferment, aged for 13-14 months]; toasty, lemon, restrained, butter, grassy, herby, nice length, perhaps a touch flabby but really good for the money. 15+/20

2010 Santenay Blanc “Clos de Malte Monopole”; [Domaine Louis Jadot: 7hectares, 1.5 hectares of Chardonnay]; a touch gritty but with purity, minerality, length and poise, rich, herbs, greenery, decent complexity, length and elegance, an intriguing wine. 16+/20

2010 Pernand-Vergelesses Blanc “Clos de la Croix de Pierre; [Domaine Louis Jadot]; mineral, pure, balanced, perhaps less complex and less freshness, but with herbs, grass and some nice subtle length. 15.5/20

2010 Savigny-les-Beaune Blanc 1er Cru “Clos des Guettes”; [Domaine Gagey, 14 hectares on clay soils]; nice sap, classic with good length, not at all oaky, fairly fresh, plenty of lemon and nutty concentration, a very pleasing wine and good value. 16+/20

2010 Beaune Blanc 1er Cru “Bressandes”; [Domaine Gagey]; poise, zip, minerality, breathe, depth, lemons, grapefruit, subtle length. Very impressive and beguiling. 16.5+/20

2010 Beaune Blanc 1er Cru “Greves; Le Clos Blanc”; [Domaine Gagey];rich, powerful, good sappy-toasty-buttery fruit, well integrated with nice length, herbs, complexity, freshness, chalky. Very fine. 16.5++?/20

2010 Meursault 1er Cru “Blagny”; [vinified and aged for 15 months in oak]; nutty, rich, restrained and with nice zip, classically styled, sappy, round, elegant but needs time to unfurl. 16+/20

2010 Meursault 1er Cru “Charmes”; [tank fermented for 3-4 weeks, aged for 12-15 months in oak]; more zip, cleaner, fresher, mineral, less sap, elegant, pure, restrained, nice subtle length and a feeling that this could turn out to be beautiful. 17/20

2010 Meursault 1er Cru “Genevrieres“; [Domaine Louis Jadot; traditional vinification in oak casks]; nice poise and purite, but with more sap and richness, nice minerality and rocky charactar and lovely restrained length. 16.5+/20

2010 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru “Morgeot, Clos de la Chapelle Monopole“; [Domaine Duc de Magenta]; smoky, perfume, bacon fat, pure, zippy, elegant, lemons, limes, herbs, greenery. Good length. 16.5+/20

2010 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru “Cailleret“; [barrel fermentation prior to spending 12-15 months in oak]; pure, mineral, poised, lemons, limes, nice roundness and butter length. 16/20

2010 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru “Champ-Gain“; [Domaine Gagey; traditional oak vinification in tanks]; pure but with richness, elegance, butter, delicacy, nice length but the wood needs a bit more time to integrate. 16+/20

2010 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru “Les Referts“; [Domaine Louis Jadot]; more zip and rocky minerality, good length and poise but again somewhat subdued by wood, however it should be gorgeous once integrated. 16+/20

2010 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru “Clos de la Garenne“; [Domaine Duc de Magenta]; nice zip and freshness, pure, again the wood subdues what is underneath but the long, elegant beauty will shine through in time. 16+/20

2010 Puligny-Montrachet 1er Cru “Les Folatieres“; [Domaine des Heritiers de Louis Jadot]; poised, precise, lemons, minerals, lovely purity, good length, rocky, classic, superb… Simply WOW! 17+/20

2010 Corton-Charlemagne Grand Cru; [Domaine des Heritiers de Louis Jadot: from the lieu-dit “Le Charlemagne“]; structured, pure, round, nutty, smooth subtle length which is really lovely, poised but round and ageworthy. 17+?/20

2010 Batard-Montrachet Grand Cru; pure, mineral, poised, classic with huge concentration, round, elegant, backward and will need some serious bottle age. 17++/20

2010 Chevalier-Montrachet “Les Demoiselles” Grand Cru; [Domaine des Heritiers de Louis Jadot]; pure, poised, mineral, classy, lemons, huge concentration, more zip and freshness, but very long. So young it needs a lot of bottle age. 17++/20

2010 Montrachet Grand Cru; [from the Chassagne side of the vineyard, 70% new oak]; smoky, deep, complex, full, sappy, subtle, long, layered, marrying the power of Batard-Montrachet and the zip and minerals of Chevalier-Montrachet. Subtle length, elegant, restrained, structured, haunting, long, nutty, utterly beguiling in its complexity but perhaps an acquired taste. Will be superb… 17.5-18++/20 

The Louis Jadot Cuve.

The Red Wines

2010 Moulin-a-Vent “Clos de Rochegres”; [Chateau des Jacques]; nice zippy fruit, elegant, nice length, wooded concentration. 15+/20

2010 Moulin-a-Vent “Clos du Grand Carquelin”; [Chateau des Jacques]; zippy, mineral, poised, gritty, funky and intriguing. 16.5+/20

2010 Moulin-a-Vent “La Roche”; [Chateau des Jacques]; pure, fresh, zippy, elegant and long, quite complex. 16/20

2010 Morgon-Cote du Puy; [Chateau des Jacques]; bubblegum, purity, elegance and poise, gritty and with decent depth. 16/20

2010 Cote de Nuits Villages “Le Vaucrain”; [Domaine Louis Jadot, fermented in tanks before spending 10 months in barrel]; pure, pretty, mineral, poised, nice elegance and an earthy note, simple drinking wine with nice length. 16+/20

2010 Santenay “Clos des Gatsulards”; [Domaine Gagey, destemmed, fermented in wooden tanks and aged for 10 months in barrel]; pure, herby, poised, elegant and mineral, classically styled, quite classy, soft and subtle length, could be really interesting when mature. Floral. 16.5+/20

2010 Savigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru “Clos des Guettes”; [Domaine Gagey]; smoky, meaty, pure but complex, nice length and complexity, subtle, roses and flowers. 16+/20

2010 SAvigny-les-Beaune 1er Cru “La Dominode”; [Domaine Louis Jadot]; pure, poised, elegant, mineral, rocky, nice complexity, very subtle, effortless. 16+/20

2010 Pernand-Vergelesses 1er Cru En Caradeux “Clos de la Croix de Pierre”; [Domaine Louis Jadot]; rocky, mineral, elegant and pure, poised with subtle precision and nice length. 16/20

2010 Beaune 1er Cru “Boucherottes”; [Domaine des Heritiers de Louis Jadot]; smoke, purity, pretty, earthy, elegant, saline but with a very rocky minerality, lovely length. 16+/20

2010 Beaune 1er Cru “Clos des Couchereaux”; [Domaine des Herities de Louis Jadot]; mineral, rocky, nice balance and structure, pure, meaty, nice linear finish. 16+/20

2010 Beaune 1er Cru “Greves”; [Domaine Gagey, fermented in tank before spending 12-15 months in barrel]; very crisp, pure, mineral,  zippy, saline but with a softer structure and floral notes, lovely. 16++/20

2010 Beaune 1er Cru Vignes Franche “Clos des Ursules”[sole proprieter; Domaine des Herities de Louis Jadot]; rich, poised, complex, deep, lovely length, effortless, subtle, linear, wonderfully beautiful and beguiling. 17+/20

2010 Volnay 1er Cru “Clos de la Barre Monopole”; pure, smoky. elegant, savoury, saline, rocky and mineral with lovely length. 16.5+/20

2010 Volnay 1er Cru “Clos des Chenes”; pure, structured, roses, rocks, elegant, grippy, tannic finish, needs time. 16++/20

2010 Pommard 1er Cru “Clos de la Commaraine”; reduced but with elegance and purity underneath and with nice length. 16+/20

2010 Pommard 1er Cru “Rugiens”; [Domaine Louis Jadot]; pure, elegant, mineral, round, effortless, lovely linear length, classy and well rounded. 17+/20

2010 Nuits-Saint-Georges 1er Cru “Les Boudots”; [Domaine Gagey]; structured, tannic but with lovely grippy purity, elegance, dark fruits and length. 16.5+/20

2010 Vosne-Romanee 1er Cru “Les Suchots”; [fermented in wooden vats for 3-4 weeks, before spending 15 months in barrel]; dark fruited, pure, structured, elegant and perfumed, nice length and good complexity. 16.5+/20

2010 Vosne-Romanee 1er Cru “Les Beaux Monts”; [vinification is identical to the above wine]; dark fruits, linear, long and appealing, subtle, pure, mineral. this wine really charges out of the blocks. 17/20

2010 Chambolle-Musigny “Les Drazeys”; [Domaine Gagey]; round, softly spoken, pure, excellent length, complex, really lovely restrained and subtle. 16.5+/20

2010 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru “Les Fuees”; [Domaine Louis Jadot]; smoky, elegant, pure, complex, poised, restrained and wonderful breathe, lovely subtle beguiling length. 17+/20

2010 Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru “Les Baudes”; [Domaine Gagey]; pure, zippy, rocky, mineral, poised and with lovely length, fresh, herbs, and roses. 16.5+/20

2010 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru “Poissenots”; [Domaine Louis Jadot, 3-4 week ferment in vat before spending 12-15 months in oak]; structured, pure, classic, mineral with nice length, rocky, roses but lacks real complexity. 16++/20

2010 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru “Estournelles-Saint-Jacques”; [Domaine Louis Jadot, 3-4 week vat fermentation, 15 months in oak barrels]; pure, fresh, mineral, hints of VA but this is just about balanced, metals, rocks, elegant, herbs, earth. 16.5+/20

2010 Gevrey-Chambertin 1er Cru “Clos-Saint-Jacques”; [Domaine Louis Jadot]; smoke, depth, complexity, purity, more weight and power but still very subtle, sappy, elegant, very long. 17+/20

2010 Corton-Pougets Grand Cru; [Domaine des Heritiers de Louis Jadot]; pure, mineral, complex and powerfully structured, rigid. Nice length but this needs a lot of time to unfurl. 17+?/20

2010 Corton-Greves Grand Cru [Domaine Louis Jadot; 3-4 week vat ferment, 18-20 months in oak barrels]; softer, more elegant, pure but with plenty of structure underneath, subtle length, different but equally loveable whilst being perhaps a touch less complex. 17/20

2010 Clos Vougeot Grand Cru ; [Domaine Louis Jadot]; power, poise, depth and complexity, saline, soft structure, good length, a brooding charactar. Lovely. 17++/20

2010 Echezeaux Grand Cru; [Domaine Andre Gagey]; perfumed, acid, sap, pure, nice length and elegance, dark, long, complex, subtle and effortless. Superb. 17.5++/20

2010 Griotte-Chambertin Grand Cru; [3-4 weeks in vats fermenting before 18-20 months in oak barrels]; perfumed, pure, rocks, poise, subtle, elegant, complex, again effortless, linear, complete with nice length and sappy fruit flavours. Lovely structure, whilst remaining light on its feet, it still needs time to grow into something really beautiful. 17.5+/20

2010 Chapelle-Chambertin Grand Cru; [Domaine Louis Jadot]; pure, poised, deep and complex with restrained power, wonderful length, soft structure, rocks, salinity, dense, dark and will need time but equally awesome in a brooding, dark way. 17.5++/20

2010 Clos de la Roche Grand Cru; [3-4 weeks in wooden vats during fermentation before lying in oak for 18-20 months]; smoke, meat, oak, poise, purity, roundness and power, complex, rich, super length, a subtle finish, despite a rigid bold structure, this is purely bred and beautiful. 17++/20

2010 Clos Saint Denis Grand Cru; [Domaine Gagey]; rigid, spicy, pure, structured, effortless length, complex, subtle, hardly tries but this builds and builds, stunningly complex, meat, fruit, flowers, it smells like a country market in summer, perfume, beautiful. 17.5-18+/20

the famous bottle…

2010 has clearly been a superb vintage for the Maison and Domaines of Louis Jadot. The wines show their purity, minerality and terroir. The samples that I tried were wonderfully transparent and whilst some were suffering from the weight of oak due to their nature (Chassagne and Puligny) on the whole from the lower levels and right up to the top Crus, there is pleasure and enjoyment to be had. On top of this, the wines are superb value. I do feel however that some of the wines are better suited to the oak treatment that they receive, but once the oak integrates, there is beauty underneath for those that at present feel a bit subdued. These are lovely wines that will age beautifully and it is hard to find better value to be had from these particular appelation. The sheer number of cuvees, and not all of them are represented at these tastings, shows how wonderfully terroir driven the vintage is and would be a great way to learn about the wines of Burgundy without a huge expense.

Next time, I will be taking you to look at the wines of two producers who come from a similar style of winemaking and making, pure, perfumed, expressive wines that ooze class and minerality, and can certainly be enjoyed young as well. They are Francois Berthau and Henri Jouan.

Until next time,

Happy Drinking


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