Posted by: jmbwineblog | May 6, 2010

UK Election Rant!

This is a little thing I though up whilst Reading lots of scaremongering, mudslinging, irritating politically motivated tweets and facebook comments… If the economy was hunky-dory I wouldn’t care but it is not and people should be thinking about the economics of all this so here is my little rant to all you tweeters and facebook people who have decided to respout media articles that I am perfectly able to find by myself! I AM NOT STUPID! And I apologise if you were hoping for something related to wine!!

(But remember! EVERY PARTY has their CRONIES! Yeah, think independantly but also don’t be scaremongered by parties and their media! Also you don’t need to listen to the… YOU HAVE TO VOTE! By right you are allowed to abstain which doesn’t = a vote for cameron as some will have you believe! You have a legal right to abstain if you so wish; far better than the millions who destroy their ballots and make it difficult for those counting the votes! I do believe people should vote and vote for who they want; it is a secret ballot so stop pushing people! YOUR FRIENDS are not stupid; don’t be stupid and throw mud around (this doesn’t include those of you who are party members)! An abstention is not an anti-vote it is a vote for None of the Above (they have this box in other countries)! If there was someone else, maybe the abstainer WOULD vote!

What I really want to say is: Stop posting messages from the scaremongering media!!!! Your friends can find these articles themselves! If they so wish!

Oh and by the way; has anyone actually seen George osbourne this campaign? If you had some common sense, you would realise that if the conservatives win or it is a coalition goverment, anyone who had any sense would make Kenneth Clarke Chancellor and guess what hard core conservatives don’t like him because he is pro-Europe and was the best chancellor this country has had for the last 60 odd years! If you don’t believe me then do your history and research! I say this from an economic and not a political standpoint and ad I am abroad I am unable to vote! I would have voted English Democrat and I live in the safest Tory seat there is! SO THERE, p.s I don’t want Malcolm Rifkin as my MP but I do want Clarke as chancellor!

Just because Osbourne is shadow chancellor doesn’t mean that he will be chancellor and it doesn’t doesn’t mean that cameron will be PM! The queen can call on anybody to create the government, it just happens that the commons and the lords have a deal, ao if you don’t want cameron then vote Lib Dem for a hung parliament and hope the queen picks someone you like but at the end of the day what does the PM do? It’s the cabinet and your local MP that you SHOULD be thinking about…)



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