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DRC Friday (16th APR) and Tequila Saturday (17th APR)!

The Ash from our Volcano had descended hard on the UK and there was no flight to Tokyo for a birthday Jacques Selosse; NV Substance and 1989 Mouton, which thus had to be put on hold and so it was back to Lords on Friday for another load of Middlesex CCC batting miserably, but it did mean that I felt like leaving the Pavilion early and trudging to meet some old friends at the St. John’s Wood Branch of Jeroboams for a quick drink!

A bit of oaky but tasty 2007 Cloudy Bay Chardonnay, some 2007 Bourgogne Blanc by Boillot (very nice, very classic but raring to get down your gullet) and a rich, ripe, young but down right loveable 2006 Ridge Santa Cruz Mountains Cabernet Sauvignon (classic Californian Cabernet in every sense of the word; silky smooth) later and it was off to visit some very very generous friends!

We had a lot of bad luck with our wines on the night but when it came to the piece de resistance we really didn’t care anymore! We were so overcome by the wine in question that it verged on a religious experience; but first let me start with the dross:

1998 Chablis Grand Cru; Les Clos; Dauvissat : nice nutty, lanolin, mineral wine with some cooked lemon and butter flavour, but somewhat subdued even slightly TCA affected, but vaguely drinkable… ****?

1996 Chateau de Baucastel Blanc; Roussanne Vieilles Vignes: nutty, sherried, muddied, this bottle is utterly past it! NR

2004 Chablis Grand Cru; Bougros; William Fevre: Horrible, horrible TCA! NR. So horrible it redefines the term horrible when used to describe wine.

1999 Corton-Charlemagne; Louis Latour: crispy bacon, lemon, toast, butter, vibrant and all together! Butter and stewed lemons, creamy and rich, herby. citrus, tea leaf, lanolin, beeswax; right at its peak and as good as it will get. A superb bottle and light relief after the dross! ******-

Next up was the wine of wines, a brilliant wine and I am very thankful that the person who owned it wanted to drink it with me. It was an unforgettable wine, a wine that would turn anyone into a wine drinker… even somebody who hates wine would like this kaleidoscope of brilliant flavours. A real star in any light. I would also like to add here that my donator of this wine to my drinking (and don’t worry we drank it together!) paid nowhere near what it was worth on the open market when he bought it 18 years ago, and far far less than it is worth now… we had a good chuckle about this, [whisper] so don’t call me elitist!!!! 😉

1985 La Tache; Grand Cru Monopole; Domaine de la Romanee-Conti: wild strawberry, plum, herbs, wood, charcoal, wood, cinnamon, raspberry, fresh, meaty, hugely complex. gamey, forest floor, wild blueberry, wonderful stuff, bonfire, chocolate, Asian spices, burnt matches, peat, cherry, minerals, iron, earth, hints of sous bois, blood orange, rosemary, thyme, oregano, eucalyptus, minty, but this kept developing in the glass, tannins have dropped away but it has a great backbone of acid, this will hold beautifully! Coffee, expresso. salt beef, salt, shitty, this just keeps changeing. Sea air, asparagus, saline, vegetal, sea shore, sea shell, oyster sauce, milky, creamy, wet soil, lemon, grapefruit, sorbet, core of wild red fruit, wild raspberry and strawberry; molasses, superb depth, salt and pepper, fish and chip shop, beer batter, fresh plum, lemon, roses, rosebush, rose water, ethereal and deep, transcendental, pepperoni and chilli sauce, fish sauce, almonds, nettles, underbrush, grass, pollen, honey, dust, lifted but deep! WOW just wow! Blackberries, smoke, bonfire, wild raspberry, earth, cooked cranberry, this is the single greatest wine I have tried in my life! Fresher, lighter and more ethereal! Gunpowder, oxtail, cooked beef, cooked lemons, perfume, nail varnish but not in a bad way! Pork Crackling, so deep, so complex! Burnt fat; cooking oil, rubber, wax, maldon sea salt, squid, octopus, sea water, burnt raspberry, leather sofa, cigar, cigar box, almost like a Diplomaticos No. 2; fresh strawberry, bulls blood, absolutely brilliant, the best and most complex wine I have ever tasted! Wonderful texture! ******** [easily the longest tasting note I think I have ever written and the only guaranteed 8* wine!!!!!!!!!!].

A really brilliant wine that we thought would never show in the way it did with its poor levels and ashy, disintegrating cork! It was a revelation, and we even saw a beguiling peachy light in the Decanter. You just have to be sorry for any wine that had the pleasure of sharing the table with such a wine! Oh how I feel for that wine!

The champion and the failed Challenger!

The Pyroclastic Ash Cloud of a Cork!

The Peachy Divine Light!

Oh you poor old 1990 Hermitage; Monier de la Sizeranne; Michel Chapoutier: herbs, deep, plum, gamey, meaty, peppery, rich and a brute compared to the divine La Tache. Roses and rosewater, strawberry, cassis. Much more open and fresher than previous bottles, but it certainly came off worst in this heavyweight fight! Earth and minerals! *****

Oh what a wine that La Tache is; oh how it has aged so gracefully. Will any wine ever age in the same way today? Even from the same producer? We won’t know until current vintages are 25 years old, but I hope so… Burgundy certainly has a lot more chance than some wines from Bordeaux.

Regardless it was off to bed, and into Lords again to sit atop the Pavilion on Saturday afternoon and have my actual Birthday smoke; and what a smoke it was… deep and powerful 2003 Trinidad Robusto…yum! Having seen a decent fight in the batting department from Middlesex CCC it was back to Jeroboams St. John’s Wood for a quick glass of Manzanilla La Gitana, Hildago… a nice bit of sherried, salty loveliness. After that, I purchased a bottle of 1997 Chateau Leoville-Barton which started off green and hollow, but filled out beautifully in the glass, showing classic, delicate, Bordeaux and St. Julien notes, plum, cassis, tobacco and cedar with lots of mineral charactar and a nice finish. Certainly a *****+ wine. I’ve always nailed my position to the mast, and I am a big fan of 1997 Bordeaux and find that they are underrated simply because they were overpriced when released En Primeur in 1998! Mouton, Lafite, Poujeaux, Ducru, Gruaud Larose, La Conseillante and a host of others are lovely drops of wine that I would highly recommend to anybody without hesitation.

Anyhow, after that it was off to Green and Reds on Bethnal Green Road (where I am a Tequila Ambassador; joint first in fact with my best and oldest friend [we did it together]) to meet some friends and get Birthday Blotto on our favourite Blanco for using in cocktails; Ocho [8]:  It was a day for drinking as opposed to our usual tasting!!!!

Ocho, Ocho, Ocho!

Somehow I got home… I’m pretty sure that I walked home; my legs still hurt!!!

Until next time…


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